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Ensamble Cine Mudo was founded in 1998 by silent film pianist José María Serralde Ruiz to provide musical accompaniment for silent films with special concern for period authenticity. It has performed for almost two decades at venues in Mexico and abroad, for important film and music festivals.

Its acclaimed and recognisable style comes from analytic and rehearsed stylistic improvisation by performers, that follows original cue sheets commonly proposed by Serralde, pursuing a balance between freedom and method when following dramatic and cinematic nuances by the early filmmakers.

Skills developed for the accompaniment of silents let the Ensamble perform for stage productions and multidisciplinary activities as well.

The Ensemble plays commonly with guest musicians depending on the aesthetics and time of the film or project addressed.

Since 2013, Ensamble Cine Mudo rebuilt itself with a roster of stable musicians violin, percussions and piano trio: Omar Álvarez, Roberto Zerquera and Serralde respectively.